Liew Human Development Lab conducts research on helping people to Live, Love, Learn

Live, Love, Learn (Liew's 3 L's) represent cornerstones of successful human development. 

Our mission is to enhance the way people live, love, and learn across their lifespan. Our research team examines the social, emotional, and personality aspects of human development, with a focus on early childhood as well as the transition from adolescence into early adulthood. We conduct work that spans the preschool into the high school and college years. Bridging basic and applied science, research from Liew's Lab has addressed issues such as school readiness, early childhood education, social emotional learning, achievement and mental health disparities, childhood obesity, math and test anxiety, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and 21st century learning skills. We specialize and have expertise in the roles of human emotion, motivation, and self-control or self-regulation in academic, psychosocial, and health-related outcomes across the life-span. Please contact us for more information. Email Jeffrey Liew at jeffrey.liew@tamu.edu